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Is your prenup invalid?

Before you wed in Viginia, you may have entered into a prenup agreement and assumed that your rights and assets would be protected if your marriage ended in divorce. Many people are surprised to find that their premarital agreement may not be as sound as they believed it to be. We at Jeffrey A. Vogelman and Associates can not only assist you as you establish a prenup before you are married, we can also help you determine if your existing agreement is valid.

Why You Should File Prenuptial Agreements in Virginia

Getting married irrefutably serves as the ultimate form of happiness to most couples in the U.S. According to them, nothing can be compared to spending cherished moments with their loved ones as well as raising a new family. Despite the bubble perceived by most spouses, you might want to prepare prenuptial agreements with the sole intention of protecting your assets in case the marriage fails. Despite common beliefs, prenuptial agreements don't intend to limit expressions of love and unconditional support to your significant other. They merely act as a security mechanism when the dreaded divorce finally beckons on your door.

What can I include in a prenuptial agreement?

We've all heard of prenuptial agreements, either through characters on TV shows or high-paid celebrities, who always seem to be fighting over them. We think of them as documents that protect a spouse from having to part with a huge chunk of money in a divorce. While this is true, prenups can do a lot more than just that.

Do I need a prenup?

One of the most controversial topics that often arises as nuptials approach is the protection contract called a prenuptial agreement. Although it can be an uncomfortable subject to approach, prenups are a truly essential step that should be a part of every engagement.

Typical subjects that could be covered in a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement can be a very flexible tool and it can help protect the assets of both spouses should they decide to divorce. It can also offer debt protection for both of the spouses. These can be crucial benefits for anyone who is starting their life over and may now only have one source of income to depend on. There are some typical topics that could be included in a prenuptial agreement in order to provide maximum protection.

Poll indicates that more postnuptial agreements are now drawn up

Many couples have signed prenuptial agreements to protect their assets in the event they get divorced. It's also common for couples who have considerable assets to sign a postnuptial agreement once they have gotten married. Now, a recent poll of divorce attorneys indicates that there has been a rise in the number of postnuptial agreements that are being drawn up.

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