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Financial problems are among the most common causes of marital troubles and divorce. Conversely, divorce often leads to serious financial problems for at least one of the parties involved. If you are facing the possibility of divorce and bankruptcy, it is important that you do not try to handle this alone. Work with an attorney who can help you. Since these two legal processes can each impact the other, it is best to work with a lawyer who has experience in both of these areas of the law.

Attorney Jeffrey A. Vogelman of Jeffrey A. Vogelman and Associates, has more than 30 years of legal experience, including a wealth of experience helping clients through bankruptcy and divorce simultaneously. Our Alexandria divorce and bankruptcy lawyers work together in a team environment to provide strategic, comprehensive representation in divorce and bankruptcy cases. We will help you make smart decisions and protect your interests.

Filing Bankruptcy During a Divorce

In bankruptcy and divorce cases, timing is essential. In some cases, it is better to file for bankruptcy jointly before filing for divorce, and in other cases, it might be better to file separately or wait until after the divorce is finalized. At Jeffrey A. Vogelman and Associates, we can consult with you, look over your financial situation and help you determine the best tactical approach for bankruptcy and divorce.

We have helped clients with bankruptcy and military divorce, high-asset divorce and other divorce situations. We are well-versed on how these two legal practice areas impact each other, and we can help you through the legal minefield to financial freedom.

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