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Digital privacy clause popular in prenuptial agreements

Preparing for a forthcoming wedding is an enjoyable task for many residents of Virginia. While the couple plans for their future, they also decide to respect and trust each other. The couple may decide on a place to live and how they will be sharing their financial obligations. However, many couples do not like the idea of prenuptial agreements, which may help the person protect assets.

Many couples may consider a prenuptial agreement to be contrary to the spirit of marriage, where you decide to live with your partner and share your life and assets with each other. However, the couple must also consider the fact that a marriage may sometimes face hard times. In such situations, a prenuptial agreement may help the couple safeguard their future.

The couple may protect their present and future assets, predetermine division of property and also predetermine spousal support in a prenuptial agreement. This may help the couple avoid future altercations on these topics during divorce proceedings. Recently, with technology playing an important role, many couples opt for a digital privacy clause.

According to this clause, the couple may agree to not use private emails and text messages of the other spouse during a divorce. This may also include private photos. Many celebrities could have avoided public humiliation if this clause was present in their prenuptial agreement. Also, fans of some celebrities would never know of their extra-marital affairs due to this clause.

Although many people would like to incorporate it in their prenuptial agreements, this clause has some restrictions. According to sources, the person is not allowed to hide criminal behavior or financial assets owed to their spouse. Nevertheless, a digital privacy clause can prove to be very beneficial to the couple. It can not only help in keeping infidelity a private matter, but also can help in hiding any information which can damage the person's professional reputation.

This can be yet another benefit of establishing a prenuptial agreement. If the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement, they can opt for a postnuptial agreement to protect their interests.

Source: My Fox NY, "Prenuptial digital privacy clauses gain popularity," Sharon Crowley, Apr 21, 2014

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