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June 2014 Archives

Apollo Nida's advice on prenuptial agreements

Readers from Virginia may have read recent reports relating to American businessman and reality television star Apollo Nida, who admitted to making errors as he entered into his marriage while advising Todd Tucker on prenuptial agreements.

"Real Housewife" and estranged husband agree on child custody

Reality TV fans in Virginia probably know all about the high- profile divorce between Bethenny Frankel of "Real Housewives" fame and estranged husband, Jason Hoppy. The couple is well known for their appearance on the reality show, where their courtship, engagement, wedding, honeymoon and pregnancy were seen by fans. This reality show ended in 2012, after entertaining its audience for three years and coincidently was the same year Hoppy was informed via a letter that Frankel wanted a divorce.

Co-parenting can make raising children easier after divorce

Deciding to part ways is rarely easy for couples whether in Virginia or in any other state. It is a decision often made after one or both spouses realize their marriage cannot continue. Financial worries along with concern for any children are normal, and many parents worry that the divorce will affect the child's upbringing. They may wonder whether the child can be raised by both parents even though they may have separated and divorced.

Changing trends find more mothers paying child support

In nearly half of Northern Virginia households today, the wife and mother is the primary income earner for the family. According to a recent survey, these high-earning women are entrepreneurs, business professionals and soldiers who are working outside the home and taking control of the family finances. With more women professionals, more men and dads are primary caregivers, staying at home and controlling the household. Because of this shift in responsibility, it cannot be assumed that after divorce the mother will automatically retain custody of the children and be paid child support. According to recent statistics, almost one in six fathers today have full or shared custody of their child, a substantial increase from 1960s.

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