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Online protection a must for divorcing couples

Many Alexandria City, Virginia, residents may agree that the very nature of divorce can lead to acrimony among all parties involved. In today's digital world, acrimonious behavior can quickly spread to cyberspace via social media websites and a divorcing spouse might need protection from an online onslaught stemming from a bitter post by an ex-spouse.

Many couples often share online passwords during a relationship. A recent study found that two-thirds of couples felt confident enough in their relationships to share one or more online passwords with their partners. More than one-quarter of respondents said they even shared email passwords with their significant others.

However, the end of a relationship also necessitates changing all passwords to prohibit access online accounts and to discourage and prohibit vengeful cyber acts of a jealous ex during and after a divorce. An estranged spouse often may hack an online account and render severe damage to the reputation or even the finances of a former spouse.

According to the survey, more than 10 percent of couples create a shared social media profile. The study also found that every respondent stated that they shared bank accounts. Closing a shared account after a break-up is imperative and often professional help may be needed in order to effectively do so.

Furthermore, more often than not, couples share digital gadgets such as laptops, tablets and so on and may even have multiple gadgets synced. In such cases, these gadgets may hold records of financial transactions and records of passwords that will require that information be deleted amidst ongoing divorce proceedings.

Even after sweeping away all digital footprints, it may be advisable to keep a check on online social media to make sure that an estranged spouse does not cause any harm to reputation with vengeful posts or online attacks.

Source: USA Today, "Divorcing 5 things to do online now" Kim Komando, July 11, 2014

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