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Failure to pay child support can lead to penalties

Virginia residents may agree that divorce often creates a difficult emotional situation for children. They feel insecure as their parents engage in a war of words. What some parents fail to recognize is that while they might have fallen out of love, their children still want them to live together under the same roof. Constantly keeping the best interest of the child in mind, the Virginia courts generally grant custody to one parent. The other parent is usually ordered to pay child support.

Adequate planning may help protect a business from divorce

As any Virginia business owner who has been through divorce knows, a business that is not protected by a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may be up for grabs when it comes to property division. In many divorces, the business-owning spouse is forced to sell it in order to split the proceeds with his or her parting spouse. For that reason alone, entering marriage with clear ideas about who owns an existing business can prevent trouble later.

Custody and visitation rights of unmarried fathers in Virginia

When a child's parents do not reside together, both parents usually want to ensure that their child's best interests are protected. In order to make this situation easier for the child, family court makes both parents take equal responsibility in raising the child. Current conventional wisdom shows that parenting by both parents is usually in the best interest of the child.

Military helpful in tracing active duty parents

For the majority of people who divorce, relationships with former spouses can be strained enough that they keep contact to a minimum. Many, however, must remain in communication because the needs of their minor children require their cooperation over a variety of matters, including the payment of child support. Sometimes, though, as some custodial parents in Virginia have discovered, if their ex-spouses are serving in the military, their whereabouts can sometimes be unknown because of sudden changes in assignments or overseas deployments. When it comes to receiving court-ordered child support, this can mean big trouble for a custodial parent.

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