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Child support when one parent is in the military: Part I

Many Alexandria City, Virginia residents have enlisted in the military and are even deployed to foreign countries or out of state in order to fulfill their duty to the nation. However, a lot of military personnel also go through the same personal problems as their civilian counterparts, such as divorce, child custody and child support.

The impact of divorce on Social Security: Part II

Since a large number of sole breadwinners in Alexandria, Virginia have become disabled due to workplace injuries, obtaining Social Security benefits is one of the best ways for the family to gain financial independence. When financial details relating to a divorce settlement emerge, the Social Security benefits also become a huge part of the settlement. In the case involving a low-income family, receiving Social Security benefits might be the only way to avoid financial ruin for the entire family. In some cases, the former spouses of a Social Security recipient may be able to claim benefits if the ex-spouse dies.

The impact of divorce on Social Security: Part I

A Virginia couple that plans on getting a divorce is often burdened with the financial impact that commonly occurs right after the divorce. Many people in the United States are living on Social Security. Social Security disability is a federal grant that often helps people who cannot work due to their physical or psychological disability. Thus, many families depend on those federal grants in order to sustain their households. If such a couple gets divorced, Social Security benefits often become the financial focus of the divorce.

Couples seeking prenuptial agreements need to be vigilant

One of the biggest advantages of having a prenuptial agreement is that, even if the ensuing divorce is unpleasant, the financial terms of a divorce settlement have already been determined. Such financial aspects of the divorce can include alimony, child support and property division. That can often lead to a more amicable settlement of the dispute, even during difficult times in a couple's life. With the high rate of divorce in the United States, many Virginia residents find it necessary to consult an attorney to draft a marital agreement, which is often beneficial later on.

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