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October 2015 Archives

Common grounds for divorce in Virginia

The state of Virginia acknowledges two kinds of divorce. The first is divorce from bed and board, while the other is a divorce from the bond of matrimony. In this post, we will explain the differences and some of the typical reasons for each.

Can a grandparent get custody of their grandchild in Virginia?

Most grandchildren give their love unconditionally to their grandparents. That's because grandparents are a special part of their lives. However, some Virginia grandparents have found it necessary to actually raise their grandchildren due to complex circumstances. However, does the state of Virginia actually allow grandparents to obtain legal custody of their grandchildren?

Basics of Virginia marital property law

Virginia is not one of the states in the nation that recognizes the idea of community property. Like most other states, Virginia is an equitable distribution state and each item of property is considered separately and the court determines which party of the divorce will be more inclined to use the item. Here are some other basic concepts about marital property in the state.

Man believes ex-wife illegally raised monthly child support

Divorce can become a very emotional affair and can sometimes bring out the worst behavior in people. Spouses can try and out-maneuver each other in an attempt to get a more favorable divorce settlement. However, one divorced man has now accused his ex-wife of actually stealing his private information in order to secure an increase in the amount of child support that he pays her.

What steps can help reset retirement planning after a divorce?

The reality of a divorce means that many financial aspects of a person's life, such as retirement planning, get pushed into the background while that person deals with the myriad of emotions that often develop during the process. Afterwards, that person can be so caught up with taking care of their immediate monetary needs that they may forget to review and recalibrate their retirement plans. But what steps can an individual take to help get their retirement plans back on track?

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