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Virginia couples should understand asset valuation

When people in Virginia think about divorce, they may think about divorce's practical implications. For example, Virginians may think about the fact that they need to divide their lives in two. A married couple, who used to share everything, will now need to live separate lives. People may also think about the strong emotions that come with divorce, and they may think about conflict or disputes surrounding divorce legal issues.

Asset valuation, however, may not be the first thing that people think about when they decide to divorce. Despite this, Virginia residents should understand how important asset valuation is to the divorce process. Particularly, for those people involved in a high-asset divorce.

Property division can be one of the most contentious issues that a couple needs to deal with during a divorce. One of the most important aspects of the property division process is valuing assets. This process ensures that the couple can determine exactly how the assets need to be split. It can be difficult for couples to know how to split their property if they do not know how much the property is worth.

Valuing assets is not always as easy as just determining how much personal property is worth. Sometimes, this process includes determining the value -- and future value -- of retirement accounts, pensions, investments and other financial resources. It also includes valuing a person's ownership in a business. Asset valuation can also include determining the value of real estate owned by the couple.

These financial calculations can be difficult to do without legal and financial help. Our attorneys have 30 years of experience in Virginia family law. We understand how assets need to be properly valued to ensure that the property division issues can be settled. Furthermore, we know just how important it is to get these financial calculations correct so that people can move forward from a divorce in the strongest financial position possible.

Please see our asset valuation webpage for more information on divorce and asset valuation in Virginia.

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