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How prenuptial agreement save couples from headaches

The sad reality about marriage in the United States is that approximately half will ultimately end in divorce. This is typically the last thing on a newly engaged couple's mind as they plan a wedding. Couples on the eve of a wedding should be thinking about a venue and theme, guest lists, table settings and food. And a honeymoon. But the possibility of divorce and a prenuptial agreement, commonly called a prenup?

Famous couple divides their assets evenly

For some Virginians, it can seem as if their divorce proceedings go on forever. Each area of the process, whether it is spousal support, division of property or child custody brings intense new negotiations from both sides before the issue can be settled. However, one famous Hollywood couple has found that taking extra time before finalizing their divorce allowed them to each claim their fair share of their marriage assets.

Hollywood superstars settle their divorce

Divorce can be difficult for Virginia couples. Even for Hollywood power couples, who typically are involved in a high asset divorce, the end of a marriage can be very involved and take quite a bit of time. This amount of time is because the couple typically has considerable assets that must be properly divided up. Now, it seems that one superstar Hollywood couple has finally put their disagreements behind them and completed the divorce process.

How the Virginia Putative Father Registry can protect a father

Being recognized as a father grants Virginians certain rights regarding their child. Conversely, failing to be recognized as a father of a child can deny that person those same rights. Fortunately, in 2006, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law that created the Virginia Putative Child Registry. The program is run by the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS).

Establishing paternity in Virginia

Becoming a father is a major life responsibility and can cause a flood of emotions. Florida paternity is just as important for a child as well because it gives them an identity, establishes a health history and increases their self esteem. Paternity also establishes a permanent legal bond between the child and the father and can even provide important legal benefits, including child support. Establishing paternity in Virginia is not complicated and can be done in several ways.

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