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January 2016 Archives

A divorce can affect a person's taxes in different ways

Most Virginia residents know that a divorce can be emotionally draining. They also know that the outcome can severely affect their income. However, many people may not know that a divorce can also have a tremendous effect on their income taxes as well. That's because certain financial aspects such as child support and alimony can change the way that the government views their income and assets. So here is a quick look at how taxes can change after a divorce.

Common financial mistakes during a divorce

Sometimes, Virginia couples going through the divorce process fail to understand just how expensive it can be. From paying alimony and child support to splitting up family assets, divorce can cause a personal financial earthquake. But, there are some specific financial mistakes that many divorcing spouses throughout the country repeatedly make. So, here are two financial areas that divorcing spouses should be aware of when going through a divorce. Understanding these areas may help them keep more of their hard earned dollars.

What tips can help ex-spouses co-parent their children?

Many Virginia parents know how difficult it can be to raise children after a divorce. That's because a divorce is usually very emotional and can cause a lot of painful feelings. However, despite these issues, a lot of divorced parents may still want to co-parent their children with their ex. But what are some general guidelines that divorced spouses can use to help them co-parent?

Protecting families during a divorce with legal representation

Protecting you and your family is the primary concern of Virginians going through a divorce. But, often, the opinions and beliefs of both parties may differ, and conflicts arise. As a result, it is crucial to have a strong support team on your side at these troubling times.

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