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What are some of the advantages of divorce mediation?

Far too many Virginia residents believe that all divorces turn into an emotionally overheated event with both spouses fighting tooth and nail over every possible issue. But divorce does not have to be a knock down battle between spouses. Divorce mediation is a process that can help spouses iron out many of their outstanding divorce issues such as alimony and child support. But what are some of the advantages of divorce mediation?

One of the advantages of divorce mediation is that it is a process that is meant to be fair to both parties. That's because the process uses a third party mediator who has no rooting interest in the divorce. Therefore, the mediator can take an objective look at all of the issues that are part of the case. Without a rooting interest in the divorce, the mediator may be able to find solutions to some of the spouses' divorce issues that each side may not have considered.

Another advantage of the mediation process is that it is confidential. Unlike a court trial, there is no official transcript for the mediator. There may only be notes that the mediator jots down during the hearing. Anything that is said during the hearing is usually not kept.

Divorce mediation can also shorten the length of time a divorce goes on. Therefore, the process can save the spouses both time and money. The process can also help the family court system by reducing its caseload.

There are disadvantages to divorce mediation as well, including the lack of a pretrial discovery. However, any Virginia resident who is going through a divorce may want to speak with a divorce attorney in order to find out if the advantages of divorce mediation outweigh the disadvantages for their particular case.

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