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Why You Should File Prenuptial Agreements in Virginia

Getting married irrefutably serves as the ultimate form of happiness to most couples in the U.S. According to them, nothing can be compared to spending cherished moments with their loved ones as well as raising a new family. Despite the bubble perceived by most spouses, you might want to prepare prenuptial agreements with the sole intention of protecting your assets in case the marriage fails. Despite common beliefs, prenuptial agreements don't intend to limit expressions of love and unconditional support to your significant other. They merely act as a security mechanism when the dreaded divorce finally beckons on your door.

Traditionally, prenuptial agreements mainly served celebrities or prominent personalities classified among the "high-asset people." Fast forward today, more couples have embraced a marital contract based on the following essential benefits: 

    • They simplify property division during a divorce.
    • They protect one spouse from incurring the debts of the other.
    • A marital contract clarifies the financial responsibilities of each spouse.
    • Prenuptial agreements outline how property should be divided after the death of a spouse.
    • A marital contract helps avoid conflicts arising from property division.

    Before entering a marriage, it's advisable to put your assets and liabilities in order lest either party claims foul play down the line. This essentially means providing an accurate account of locally owned assets and properties stored overseas for the sole purpose of maintaining utmost good faith. As you prepare to tie the knot with your partner, ensure that a prenuptial agreement draft has been drawn up and touches on essential aspects regarding the marriage. In most cases, prenuptial agreements stipulate that each spouse should retrieve individually owned assets once divorce proceedings have been instigated. Alternatively, co-owned assets should be auctioned off with the proceeds equally divided between both spouses unless agreed otherwise.

    Despite the immense benefits on offer, prenuptial agreements can be ruled null and void especially when they are in direct violation of enacted laws. For instance, the Judge can rule out certain parts of the prenup touching on child support without the legal intervention of the Justice Department. Rather than waste a lifetime in regret, consider drafting a marital contract immediately.

    Are you in need of prenuptial agreements? Don't hesitate to call a seasoned attorney in Virginia for legal advice.

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