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How do I talk to someone about a prenup?

Your decision to protect yourself and your partner from potential financial distress is laudable. The key to breaching the subject is often to focus on the fact that you are making a gesture toward strengthening your future. 

The first point that you should probably address is that even Virginia couples that stay together often from prenuptial agreements. This often serves as an important reference throughout the conversation, especially if your counterpart questions the necessity of such a document. 

Building on the idea that a prenup does not necessitate a divorce, you could talk next about the parts of the agreement that could govern your marriage. Try to underline the fact that you simply want to make the legal part of your commitment as appropriate as possible. Many couples write unique vows to commemorate their partnerships; prenuptial agreements, while not typically as romantic, could be considered formal extensions of this gesture.

Finally, it could help to discuss the distant future. Perhaps you have talked about starting a family or pursuing specific paths in your respective careers. Depending on your situation and your plans, a prenup could help you secure your ambitions and solidify your goals.

Emotions tend to run high when talking about prenuptial agreements. It often helps to approach the topic early on, which allows for a cooling-off period between sessions. If that were not an option, it would typically still be best to respect the fact that your discussion is likely to be a process. Practicing patience and taking these steps in order could make the difference between success and failure.

One of the best things you could do would be to prepare yourself to address the same questions repeatedly from multiple angles. More often than not, your counterpart will seek reassurance that you intend to stay together over facts about prenuptial agreements. This is not meant as legal advice, but rather as education.

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