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History behind enacting Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

Before the enactment of Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act in 1968 (UCCJA), it was a common practice by Virginia non-custodial parent to abduct their children and flee to a different state. These parents hoped that the judiciary in that state would be more sympathetic to their cause and grant them custody of their child. Unfortunately, these tactics were quite successful.

"Real Housewife" and estranged husband agree on child custody

Reality TV fans in Virginia probably know all about the high- profile divorce between Bethenny Frankel of "Real Housewives" fame and estranged husband, Jason Hoppy. The couple is well known for their appearance on the reality show, where their courtship, engagement, wedding, honeymoon and pregnancy were seen by fans. This reality show ended in 2012, after entertaining its audience for three years and coincidently was the same year Hoppy was informed via a letter that Frankel wanted a divorce.

International travel can complicate child custody disputes

Parents always want the best for their child and will go to any extent to ensure their happiness. And any time that the child is away from home, the parent usually gets upset. However, when the family is involved in child custody disputes both parents might be afraid that they may not get child custody.

Olympic skier, ex-wife embroiled in child custody dispute

Once a couple separates, both partners have to decide which spouse will raise their child. Usually, neither parent is willing to give up child custody or any parental rights. Therefore, child custody disputes are one of the most fought-over aspects of a separation, whether in Virginia, or any other state.

Child custody dispute takes ugly turn; mother abducts daughter

One of the greatest concerns of divorced parents in Virginia or any state in the country is who will get the custody of the child. It is one issue that leads to many differences between couples. It is very common for divorcing couples to disagree on the issue of child custody.

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