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Innovation can help resolve complex child custody issues

Child custody is determined by Virginia family courts on the basis of the best interest of the child. Deciding which parent may provide the child with the best chances for emotional, financial and educational development is hard to assess since there is no pre-existing formula that can determine what the child may truly need.

Getting a fair result in a child custody dispute

Child custody in Virginia has two aspects, physical custody and legal custody. Parents entrusted with physical custody of the child get to keep the child with them and parents entrusted with legal custody have the right to take important decisions in relation to the child, including the child's education and lifestyle choices. In case where parents do not have shared physical custody, the non-custodial parent is granted visitation rights to meet the child for limited duration from time to time. The best interests of the child are always the prime consideration of the court in issuing any child custody order.

Can Virginia grandparents seek custody of their grandchildren?

It is common to see children being raised by individuals who are not their parents. As residents of Alexandria City, Virginia, may know, these are most often members of the parents' immediate family, such as the children's grandparents. While there are a number of reasons why parents rely on this wider circle of acquaintances when it comes to raising their children, sometimes grandparents or others need to take on complete parental duties.

Child custody in the state of Virginia

Separation can be difficult for the children involved. Estranged spouses often become embroiled in a bitter dispute as a result of the emotional turmoil caused by the separation. However, child custody issues can become a major source of conflict in bitter divorce battles. Child custody issues for unmarried parents can become even more cumbersome.

International travel can complicate child custody disputes

Parents always want the best for their child and will go to any extent to ensure their happiness. And any time that the child is away from home, the parent usually gets upset. However, when the family is involved in child custody disputes both parents might be afraid that they may not get child custody.

Olympic skier, ex-wife embroiled in child custody dispute

Once a couple separates, both partners have to decide which spouse will raise their child. Usually, neither parent is willing to give up child custody or any parental rights. Therefore, child custody disputes are one of the most fought-over aspects of a separation, whether in Virginia, or any other state.

Child custody basics in Virginia

Many parents getting divorced in Virginia worry about the impact it will have on their family and children. Child custody is one of the biggest issues for parents getting divorced. How will child custody be determined? Where will the kids live? How often will I see my kids? These are all very common questions divorcing parents ask themselves. 

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