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Custody and visitation rights of unmarried fathers in Virginia

When a child's parents do not reside together, both parents usually want to ensure that their child's best interests are protected. In order to make this situation easier for the child, family court makes both parents take equal responsibility in raising the child. Current conventional wisdom shows that parenting by both parents is usually in the best interest of the child.

A child custody plan should address the needs of military member

Military service is demanding and sometimes compels the service person to prioritize the career over the family life. People across the United States understand the challenges of balancing family life with serving in the military. It can be trying to go through a divorce while serving in the military and it can be even more difficult if various legal issues come up during the divorce process.

Innovation can help resolve complex child custody issues

Child custody is determined by Virginia family courts on the basis of the best interest of the child. Deciding which parent may provide the child with the best chances for emotional, financial and educational development is hard to assess since there is no pre-existing formula that can determine what the child may truly need.

Best practices ensuring custody rights of military parents

Parents in Virginia who are in the military and fighting for custody of their child might be apprehensive that a court may reject their custody application because of the nature of their service. Military personnel on active duty might be required to stay away from their families for months while they are deployed elsewhere.

Virginia laws on child custody and visitation arrangements

Many minor children of estranged parents suffer emotionally while their parents are going through the divorce process. Laws in Virginia mandate that courts make prompt decisions on child custody and visitation right issues, keeping the best interest of the child in mind first.

History behind enacting Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

Before the enactment of Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act in 1968 (UCCJA), it was a common practice by Virginia non-custodial parent to abduct their children and flee to a different state. These parents hoped that the judiciary in that state would be more sympathetic to their cause and grant them custody of their child. Unfortunately, these tactics were quite successful.

Military divorce rate at its lowest since 2005

Residents of Alexandria City, Virginia, understand that because of their work conditions, military service members lead a different lifestyle than civilians. Although they may face similar issues as a civilian in their lifetime, such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, child support and employment-related problems, their disputes may need to be resolved according to the provisions of military law.

What should a parent do when child support payment stops?

Virginia parents would agree that often the children of divorce often experience the most harmful effects. Children may experience feelings of insecurity and powerlessness as parents engage in a war of words. Divorcing Virginia couples should remember that while they may have fallen out of love, their children still want to be raised by both parents in a loving environment. To address the best interests of the children, the courts give child custody to one parent and require the non-custodial parent to pay child support.

Virginia ranks a poor 'D' in joint child custody

When parents divorce, children suffer the most. They are apt to feel a strange sense of insecurity as parents engage in a war of words. What most spouses fail to realize is that although they have fallen out of love, their children may still want their parents to stay together.

How do you change child support orders in Virginia?

Many Virginia couples would agree that following a divorce, the children are the worst affected. As parents fight, children feel insecure and unhappy. Many couples forget that although they might have fallen out of love, their children likely still want their parents to live under the same roof. In keeping the best interests of the children in mind, most U.S. courts, including those in Virginia, order one parent to take child custody and asks the other to pay child support.

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