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Understanding the USFSPA - Part I

Divorce, whether civilian or military, always has a financial side to it. A divorce is followed by alimony, property division, child custody, visitation rights and other disputes between the couple in court, if it turns out to be a bitter divorce. In order to protect the rights of individuals, federal and state authorities have put in place various mechanisms to deal with those issues.

Can Virginia grandparents seek custody of their grandchildren?

It is common to see children being raised by individuals who are not their parents. As residents of Alexandria City, Virginia, may know, these are most often members of the parents' immediate family, such as the children's grandparents. While there are a number of reasons why parents rely on this wider circle of acquaintances when it comes to raising their children, sometimes grandparents or others need to take on complete parental duties.

Understanding the Virginia Military Parents Equal Protection Act

Child custody issues can become complicated if one parent is serving in the military. Fortunately, the Virginia Military Parents Equal Protection Act provides legal protection to members of the military in child custody issues.

Child custody in the state of Virginia

Separation can be difficult for the children involved. Estranged spouses often become embroiled in a bitter dispute as a result of the emotional turmoil caused by the separation. However, child custody issues can become a major source of conflict in bitter divorce battles. Child custody issues for unmarried parents can become even more cumbersome.

American court reinforces foreign child support order

Divorces can be emotional for the parties involved, especially children. Courts in Virginia apply the rule of "best interest of the child" to determine most divorce issues related to the child. These issues may include child support, child custody and visitation rights.

Divorce, deployment and child custody

Divorce is hard on all of the parties involved, including the children, and in cases of military family law these cases may be handled a little differently than their civilian counterparts. For instance, recently, a 28-year-old serviceman was threatened with jail time as well as the loss of custody of his daughter while he was deployed. This man holds primary custody of his daughter from a previous marriage. However, the child custody issue garnered tremendous public sympathy, compelling a judge to reverse her previous decisions.

Divorce signals a new beginning to life

Many Virginia residents know sometimes divorcing couples suffer from depression. Many others do not want to separate, but are forced to by their spouses. However, these negative thoughts may not be a correct way to think of a divorce because they may hurt a divorcing spouse's future. Divorce should be thought of not as the ending of a life, but as a new beginning.

Sailor requests judge to postpone child custody proceedings

Military deployment to a remote location, far away from family is difficult for any soldier. Some couples, who cannot handle the strain of military life, opt to divorce and not complicate their lives further. Virginia is home to dozens of military families, and residents know that child custody when one spouse is still actively engaged in active duty can be quite complicated, if not handled correctly. Recently, a social media campaign in many states was carried out in support of a U.S. Navy sailor ordered by the court to be present at a hearing, even though he is deployed to an unknown location.

"Real Housewife" and estranged husband agree on child custody

Reality TV fans in Virginia probably know all about the high- profile divorce between Bethenny Frankel of "Real Housewives" fame and estranged husband, Jason Hoppy. The couple is well known for their appearance on the reality show, where their courtship, engagement, wedding, honeymoon and pregnancy were seen by fans. This reality show ended in 2012, after entertaining its audience for three years and coincidently was the same year Hoppy was informed via a letter that Frankel wanted a divorce.

International travel can complicate child custody disputes

Parents always want the best for their child and will go to any extent to ensure their happiness. And any time that the child is away from home, the parent usually gets upset. However, when the family is involved in child custody disputes both parents might be afraid that they may not get child custody.

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