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March 2015 Archives

How Virginia law helps to determine spousal support

Many Virginia residents who have gone through divorce have found it devastating emotionally and financially. It can be especially hard on a partner who has no regular income and has been otherwise financially dependent on a spouse. To provide financial support for these spouses as they begin again, state law has sanctioned the payment of spousal support by the spouse who can better afford it to the spouse who is economically challenged.

History behind enacting Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

Before the enactment of Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act in 1968 (UCCJA), it was a common practice by Virginia non-custodial parent to abduct their children and flee to a different state. These parents hoped that the judiciary in that state would be more sympathetic to their cause and grant them custody of their child. Unfortunately, these tactics were quite successful.

Military divorce rate at its lowest since 2005

Residents of Alexandria City, Virginia, understand that because of their work conditions, military service members lead a different lifestyle than civilians. Although they may face similar issues as a civilian in their lifetime, such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, child support and employment-related problems, their disputes may need to be resolved according to the provisions of military law.

What precautions to take while creating a prenuptial agreement

Residents of Alexandria City, Virginia may know prenuptial agreements are a popular choice for protecting personal assets. Many people prefer to have prenuptial agreements in place before marriage, especially if high assets are involved and if a divorce could impact third parties and business associates.

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